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Shuttle bare bones PCs are so cool!

I have an older one. I gutted out some of its entrails (guts) in order to place a second hard drive. They have these water filled tubes that transfer heat from the CPU to the back of the unit where a mounted fan cools it off by blowing on its razor thin radiator fins.

The problem I find with these is that it often collects dust. At first, I tried putting an air filter on the fan, but this eventually restricted nearly all its airflow. Then I tried putting in one of those "tornado" fans in, but damn those are so loud. So my final solution was to just remove most of the radiator's fins, leaving in just enough to bind the four water filled tubes together. It's doing fine for the past two years. I have not had any problem with the unit.

Is their method of cooling the CPU by transfering heat to the back of the unit better than putting a heat sink and fan on the CPU? Probably not. But it does allow you to squeeze more parts in a tight little box. Whereas a heat sink and fan take up too much vertical space. What I mean is that you'll have trouble putting in a hard drive if the fan and heat sink are on top of the CPU.

see shuttle.com for more info. You'll have to go through many screens before you get to their products page. They also open up new windows for links to many of their own pages.

LINK - 1/1/2006 22:52 EST

This is weird!


LINK - 1/1/2006 22:30 EST

British use satellites to spy on homes

Hi-tech cameras brought in to police home improvements and council tax dodgers

Remember George Orwell's 1984?

LINK - 1/1/2006 21:46 EST

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny gun
And if you ever saw it you would turn around and run
All of the other reindeers used to laugh and call him names
Rudolph the rednosed reindeer blew out their little brains
Then one foggy christmas eve Santa came to say
Rudolph with your gun so bright won't you spare my life tonight
Then all the reindeers feared him as they shouted out in agony
Rudolph the rednosed reindeer please don't kill me

LINK - 12/30/2005 9:03 EST

For VoIP, too many threats to count

It probably will not directly attack end users. It looks like it will attack the VoIP providers.

If you've used VoIP, you'd know that you don't need to open any ports on your router to the public. The VoIP box you plug your telephone into polls your provider every few seconds (depending on your provider and your telephone adapter).

For those who don't have it yet, the little adapter is a tiny embeded computer running an embeded OS. I know that Linksys uses embeded Linux.

LINK - 12/28/2005 14:12 EST

Microsoft vs Google: ads

Opinion: It was no coincidence that Microsoft announced its discovery of a typo-squatting scheme involving Google's AdSense system a day before the Web search company won a $1 billion advertising and investment deal with AOL-Time Warner.

Nothing can be more satisfying for a software company than to use its technology to uncover a serious business problem that needs a solution, especially when it gives you a chance to discredit an arch-competitor.

LINK - 12/28/2005 20:47 EST

Boxing day shooting rampage in downtown Toronto, Canada

LINK - 12/28/2005 13:48 EST

Two Jersey City, NJ officers drive off raised draw bridge.

A section of the bridge is raised to allow large ships to pass.

This section remains horizontal while it moves upwards. So you see a section of the bridge missing while large vessels pass through.

LINK - 12/28/2005 00:08 EST

What's this? New research shows that clean air aids global warming.

So now we need to dirty the air?

LINK - 12/27/2005 23:49 EST

LINK - 12/23/2005 14:20 EST

Study shows: Sex vs. Intelligence: Bigger balls mean smaller brain

... **gulp** (**looks down**)

LINK - 12/23/2005 11:48 EST

Drunken Delight DOT COM

She looks good after a case of beer.

LINK - 12/22/2005 11:42 EST

"Gott ist tot"

LINK - 12/21/2005 9:21 EST

Violent, drunken 'Bad Santas' wreak havoc worldwide

LINK - 12/20/2005 23:53 EST

Sleep rapist cleared!

A man was cleared of raping a woman three times in a matter of minutes after a jury accepted yesterday that he was sleepwalking during the attack.

James Bilton admitted he must have had sex with the 22-year-old woman, but claimed he could not remember anything that had happened.

LINK - 12/20/2005 16:31 EST

Stalin's half-man, half-ape super-warriors

Stalin wanted Planet of the Apes-like troops, insensitive to pain and hardship. These would not complain about the quality of food given. This would be a living war machine.

LINK - 12/20/2005 15:19 EST

TWU gangsters go on illegal strike!

The selfish greedy union mafia decided to leave millions of New York City commuters stranded!

No trains! No buses!

Eight percent pay raise on top of an inflation adjustment pay increase?

Wow! I think I'll go get a job at the tranist system!

LINK - 12/20/2005 9:38 EST

Channel 6 reports plane carrying 19 people crashes off Miami Beach.

So far six people were killed.

Also reports Newsday: LINK

LINK - 12/19/2005 15:28 EST

Portable Wi-Fi VoIP phone that you can take with you outside.

You can use it anywhere there's Wi-Fi such as a coffee shop, airport, shopping mall, hotel, etc...

LINK - 12/19/2005 15:19 EST


LINK - 12/19/2005 9:23 EST

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