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Name Description Gender Origin    
1 aakarshan attraction male hindu add
2 aaliyah high exalted, to ascend female arabic,hebrew add
3 aaric rule with mercy male scandinavian add
4 aaron exalted one, shining light, high mountain, messenger male hebrew,arabic add
5 aasia   female hindu add
6 aba born on thursday female african add
7 abbott father male arabic,aramaic,hebrew add
8 abbot father male hebrew add
9 abbra example, lesson female   add
10 abby head of a monastery female latin add
11 abdel servent male arabic add
12 abdiel servent of god male hebrew add
13 abdieso   male persian add
14 abdul servant of male arabic add
15 abejundio relating to the abaje (bee male spanish add
16 abelard resolute, keeper of the abbey larder male old german,middle english add
17 abella child female assyrian add
18 abel breath, child male hebrew,assyrian add
19 abeni girl prayed for female african add
20 abenzio   male celtic add
21 abercio   male latin add
22 abey leaf female american indian add
23 abhay a son of dharma male hindu add
24 abha lustrous beauty female hindu add
25 abhijit a constellation dear to hari male hindu add
26 abhilasha   female hindu add
27 abhinav   male hindu add
28 abhishek   male hindu add
29 abhi   male hindu add
30 abia great female arabic add
31 abiba child born after grandmother died female african add
32 abie father or mother of many both hebrew add
33 abigail head of a monastery, a father's joy female latin add
34 abigail my father rejoices female hebrew add
35 abijah the lord is my father male hebrew add
36 abilene a plain female hebrew add
37 abina born on a tuesday female ghanese add
38 abiona born on a journey female yoruban add
39 abira strong female hebrew add
40 abner father of light male hebrew add
41 abraham father of a multitude male hebrew add
42 abram exalted father male hebrew add
43 abrasha father male hebrew add
44 abra father of a multitude female hebrew add
45 abudemio   male assyrian add
46 abundiantus plentiful male latin add
47 acacia thorny, naive female greek add
48 acacio the lord holds male hebrew add
49 acadia cadie, caddie female canadian add
50 acanit hard times female ugandan add
51 acantha thorny female greek add
52 acario ungrateful male latin add
53 accalia foster mother of romulus and remus female latin add
54 accursius to hasten male latin add
55 acedia   female czech add
56 acelin noble female teutonic add
57 ace unity, one, first rate male latin add
58 achal steady, mountainous female hindu add
59 achazia the lord holds female hebrew add
60 achen a twin female ugandan add
61 achilles without lips, brown, dark male greek add
62 achit   female hindu add
63 achlys mist, darknesss female greek add
64 achyuta a name of vishnu male hindu add
65 ackerley dweller at the acre meadow male old english add
66 ackley dwells at the oak tree meadow male old english add
67 acton town with many oaks male old english add
68 acuzio sharp male latin add
69 adah beautiful addition female   add
70 adair noble, exalted, oak-tree ford male gaelic add
71 adalardo noble male celtic add
72 adalgisa noble hostage female old german add
73 adalgiso noble hostage male old german add
74 adalia refuge of god, just, noble one female hebrew,arabic,german add
75 adaline noble female french add
76 adalrico noble, powerful and rich male latin add
77 adalson son of all male english add
78 adal noble male teutonic add
79 adamina dauggher of the earth female hebrew add
80 adamson son of adam male english add
81 adam earth, created by god, red earth male hebrew add
82 adara beauty, virgin female greek,arabic add
83 ada happy, ornament female teutonic,hebrew add
84 ada wealthy female english add
85 addai man of god male hebrew add
86 adda wealthy female english add
87 addie joyful, kind female   add
88 addison son of adam male english add
89 addisyn   female   add
90 addis son of adam male english add
91 addney lives on the noble's island male english add
92 addo happy, ornament male teutonic,hebrew add
93 addy of the earth male hebrew add
94 adeben twelfth-born son male ghanese add
95 adelaide noble kind, adorned female hebrew,latin add
96 adelais noble male latin add
97 adelbert famous for nobility male old german add
98 adelfried who protects the descendants male old german add
99 adelina noble female old german add
100 adelino noble male old german add

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