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How do you spell fraud?

Have you heard on the radio about the website 2bruce.com and 3bruce.com? They both redirect you to igotthere.com.

Well, it's fraud. But what's interesting is his approach. The pages are like a TV ad. You get a form below and a picture of Bruce sitting on an expensive car. On the upper right is a video of bruce telling you about his making money plan. He explains his plan and tells you to fill out the form below and click ENTER. He even points to the form.

You give him all your personal information and click ENTER. The next page is more of the same. You give him your credit card information because you can trust him with all your money.

LINK - 2/3/2007 05:09 EST

Robotic Parking Lots

New York city's first robotic parking garage is set to open next month at 123 Baxter St., near Hester St. (in Chinatown).

The underground garage is being rigged with sensors, laser beams, turn tables and elevators that go up, down and sideways to park cars with efficiency and precision.

see also The Daily News LINK

LINK - 2/1/2007 08:56 EST

"newLISP" for BSDs, GNU/LINUX, MacOS X, Solaris, Win32

newLISP is a scripting language for developing web applications and programs in general and in the domains of artificial intelligence (AI) and statistics.

Here's a sample code for a port scanner:

(set 'params (main-args))
(if (< (length params) 5)
    (println "USAGE: port.lsp host begin-port end-port")
(set 'host (nth 2 params))
(set 'bport (int (nth 3 params)))
(set 'eport (int (nth 4 params)))
(for (port bport eport)
   (set 'socket (net-connect host port))
   (if socket (println port " open"))

I was able to build newLISP and run it without installing it.

LINK - 1/31/2007 09:08 EST

Karl Quandt (Neo Nazi): "Today's Neo-Nazis Have No Respect For Tradition"

You can't just call yourself the Master Race-you have to act like it, and hold yourself to a higher standard than those you despise and wish to exterminate.

Well, this came from TheOnion.com, it may be fake, who knows. It Looks fake. I can't imagine anyone speaking like that in the open.

LINK - 1/29/2007 9:12 EST

The Führer's predecessor: Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg

Yes, that was his full name "Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg"

LINK - 1/24/2007 20:21 EST

Dinosaur may have resembled the biplane

This creature lived about 125 million years and flew on two sets of wings. It had feathers on both it's arms and legs.

LINK - 1/23/2007 9:12 EST

Dog found buried up to his nose

The dog was breathing thru a tiny hole. He would stretch his neck enough to poke his nose above the hole to breath.

It is not yet known who did it or why.

LINK - 1/17/2007 14:12 EST

Yesterday's downtime was because of modem freeze.

It's a Zoom 5654-00-03 (or X5) modem + router. I use it in transparent bridge mode (or RFC1483).

The back plate has been removed for ventilation. I have a fan on top of the unit (which has vent holes on top) sucking air from it and blowing upwards. Fresh air comes from the uncovered back. The modem gets ridiculously hot.

This is the first time it froze since I got it last year.

I've had ZyXEL and Broadcom. I had both modems cut at the top and sides for ventilation.

The ZyXEL lasted three years before it started to have problems. It first had to be rebooted every months or so then every week.

The Broadcom lasted about one year before it started giving me trouble.

They both still work.

The Zoom modem has a config page that allows you to reboot it by submitting a simple form. I find that you can simply copy the submitted link and use it to reboot without going thru the menu. What's nice about this is that you can write a script to reboot the modem if you can't ping your ISP's gateway. You can only do this from the LAN side of course.

What modem to you use?

LINK - 1/17/2007 10:22 EST

Here's a video poking fun of the moon landing of Neil Armstrong.

LINK - 1/14/2007

GNAA: Gay N_gg_r Association of America

You have to be gay and you have to be a n_gg_r.

LINK - 1/8/2007 9:46 EST

Urinal Sculptures

LINK - 1/6/2007 17:34 EST

A Urinal In Your Home?

Ask the PoopReport at poopreport.com.

That would solve a lot of problems around the house.

LINK - 1/6/2007 17:31 EST


This is weird. Its a cartoon on www.apocalypsecartoons.com.

It looks like giant walking penises.

LINK - 1/5/2007 22:58 EST

Darwin Awards: Hammer of Doom

Brazilian man tried disassemble a rocket propelled grenade by driving over it with a car. When it failed, he hit it with a sledgehammer. It blew up and took him down along with six cars and a repair shop.

He apparently wanted to sell it as scrap metal.

LINK - 1/5/2007 12:03 EST

Kabeer Ahmad got drunk and set on fire his competitor, Twin Donuts.

He told the customers and employees that the store was closing and that everyone must leave.

After everyone left, Ahmad said he punched a hole through the wall and used a "spray bottle filled with gas to spray gas through that hole and into Twin Donuts," according to the court documents.

LINK - 1/5/2007 8:56 EST

Golf ball sized object, weighing nearly as much as a can of soup fell from the sky, hits a home in Freehold, NJ

The rough-surfaced object, with a metallic glint, was displayed Wednesday by police.

LINK - 1/4/2007 11:38 EST

Hitler bar in South Korea

LINK - 12/30/2006 17:16 EST

Microsoft Windows Vista hacked already

Russian hackers found Vista exploit.

Microsoft activates its emergency response process.

LINK - 12/28/2006 9:03 EST

From drunk to marathon runner

Dean Karnazes gave up booze and started running, hundreds of miles.

He once ran 350 miles over more than three days without sleeping. (And without showering or shitting.)

They keep track of him using a GPS cell phone he jogs with. He also orders pizza with it.

LINK - 12/27/2006 14:42 EST

Creator of Reiser file system (Linux) suspected of murdering his wife

Well, time to change filesystem. Format those hard drives.

Missing woman's blood found in husband's house


Police found (wife) Nina Reiser's blood in his house and car. He pulled out the passenger seat from his car. The seat has not been found. Nina has not been found.


* Mercury News: LINK

* NBC: LINK (Dec 13)

* slashdot: Reiser to sell company LINK

* Wired: Selling Namesys LINK

LINK - 12/25/2006 1:12 EST

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The fearless old bishop of Brest
Put his faith in the Lord to the test.
    He fucked whores in the apse
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But first they were sprinkled and blessed.
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