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Lazy FedEx guy tosses giant computer monitor over fence instead of pushing door bell

21 Seconds says it all

Article: LINK

Youtube: LINK

LINK - 12/22/2011 00:00:26 UTC

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

The Logitech wireless solar keyboard K750 (PC version) is very thin with two amorphous silicon solar panels.


It seems very little light is needed to maintain the internal [rechargeable] manganese lithium cell. The button cell (ML2032) is replaceable and you can get the cell from Logitech or on ebay. On ebay just put in ML2032 and make sure its the rechargeable one.

This one piece keyboard has no other ways to charge the internal battery.


The short travel keys can be annoying coming from a full desktop keyboard.

There are no separate multimedia keys like volume up/down. They are integrated into the function keys F1-F12. The power off/sleep button is annoyingly placed next to the volume up key and just above the backspace key. The windows application key seems missing, but its actually activated by pressing [FN] + [Print Screen].

The Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock indicators are missing. To see if Num/Caps/Scroll Lock is activated, you have to download onscreen display software from logitech.


After all proper drivers have been installed, no complaints here.

Users manual and software:

None are packaged with the keyboard. You have to download everything. The users guide is a simple 20 page pdf file and half in English. If you hate bloat software, then you'll like Logitech's method. You only download the software you want.

USB Dongle:

This is not a bluetooth compatible keyboard. Logitech uses their own 2.4GHz wireless interface. The USB adapter is very small so that you can keep it in your laptop.

LINK - 9/24/2011 13:55 UTC

Gang chop down tree to steal bike

LINK - 6/9/2011 02:24 UTC

1919 signed letter contains Hitler's first known stance on Jewish 'removal'

A signed letter by Adolf Hitler, which contains what is believed to be the earliest written expression of his views on Jews and anti-Semitism...

LINK - 6/9/2011 01:41 UTC

Hello Kitty Finger

LINK - 2/4/2011 00:46:32 UTC

A wild owl apparently had a wild time in southern Germany.

An owl that had evidently drunk too much Schnapps from two discarded bottles was so inebriated that it got picked up by police. The bird will be released once it has sobered up.

LINK - 1/19/2011 14:53:28 UTC

Testing testing

LINK - 12/9/2010 16:15 UTC

Israeli Scientist Invents First Male Birth Control Pill

Male birth control?

Didn't they solve this problem 5000 years ago?

Yeah, I remember. The ancients used a stone tool invented a million years ago.

LINK - 12/7/2010 15:00 UTC

Physicists demonstrate time-warping principles

Experiments show how two people at two different heights precieve time differently. A person at a cliff for example would age slower than a person at sea level - by a few billionths of a second in a lifetime.

LINK - 9/28/2010 13:57 UTC

SkyFire web browser by SkyFire.com

I just installed SkyFire for my cell phone 15 minutes ago - unbelievable!

Just when they said that Windows Mobile is dead.

SkyFire will play Flash media on Windows Mobile, Android, pretty much anything. I was able to view Flash banners, YouTube (which is flash), even Flash games.

Adobe themselves won't give you flash for your cell phone.

If your phone has arrow keys, up-down-left-right, clicking on any arrow key will produce a mouse pointer - just like Opera mobile browser.

SkyFire not only lets you watch embeded youtube videos, it lets you watch streaming media. For example, the browser's default homepage has a link to live TV so you can watch for example CNN, Fox, NBC and CSPAN or live radio.

SkyFire loads faster than Opera mobile. But I think Opera is a fuller over-all browser. Whereas SkyFire concentrates on media such as flash and streaming media.

What do they get for giving you a free browser full of goodies?

After you've installed and launched the browser, there's an optional login link. Note: I said optional and that its a link. So I guess they make money by collecting your personal information - optionally for now anyway. And as of now, there's no advertising.

All this from a 15 minute observation -- and I've never heard of this before.

LINK - 8/23/2010 15:26 UTC

WalkingHotSpot.com turns your Windows Mobile 5/6 or Symbian phone into a HotSpot (WiFi required)

Laptops, PDAs, and other devices can connect via WiFi (or 802.11a/b/g/n).

Only one piece of software is installed to your phone. Clients such as laptops and other devices don't need any extra software to install.

walkinghotspot.com does not provide a trial download. So you would have to pay first then try.

LINK - 8/7/2010 13:51:52 UTC

Article explaining HTML table and image based designs and why there are these unexplained gaps

LINK - 7/22/2010 19:37:53 UTC

Gay Chapter of the KKK

LINK - 6/17/2010 16:36:04 UTC

KKK March

LINK - 6/17/2010 16:12:54 UTC

How I met your motherboard


LINK - 5/13/2010 14:19 UTC

KingObama.com's New Bill of Rights

LINK - 5/02/2010 02:52 UTC

'Dear Uncle Adolf': documentary details fan letters sent to Hitler

...tens of thousands of surviving fan letters Hitler received while in power which were seized by the Soviets when they conquered Berlin in 1945.

For years these love notes, advice letters, gifts and health-tips lay undiscovered in Russian archives. Discovered in 2007, they formed the basis of a German book called 'Letters to Hitler'. Last night the Svengali-like grip that the Austrian-born Hitler exerted over Germany was unveiled as actors read out the letters that would fill a truck.

They were letters that often accompanied gifts, in the case of Margarethe Wagner, a pair of socks sent in 1938 after Hitler occupied the Czech Sudetenland border region.

"I knitted these for you as you freed us," she wrote.

Frau Troeltzsch of Berlin sent Hitler three silk handkerchiefs with pictures of Hitler sewn into them...

LINK - 5/2/2010 02:29 UTC

2/23/2010 05:22 UTC

Benny Hill Show Theme song played over some Holocaust Movie


A very good explanation of Unicode -- UTF-8 vs ISO 8859-x

This solves a lot of problems I've had with web pages that are not of character set ISO 8859-1 western.

Some GUI web page generators now produce HTML files that are ment for UTF-8. These don't display well on a web server that is set to default character set ISO 8859.

The whole page may come up on a web browser such as firefox (not Internet Explorer) with just these three characters:

UTF-8 is newer and it may be a good idea to default to that.

LINK - 2/11/2010 19:31 UTC

Indian man, after car accident, wakes up during his own autopsy

An Indian man declared dead surprised hospital staff by waking up during his autopsy.

Doctors were performing a post-mortem examination on Manas Deo on Monday after he had been hit by a car, the Orissa Sambad newspaper reports.

Deo was critically injured Christmas day by a vehicle near Jajpur's Baragadia village on the east coast of India.

"It was a surprise for the hospital staff and family members after Manas woke up when the doctors began his autopsy," the paper reported.

LINK - 1/28/2010 19:01 UTC

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