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The /proc Filesystem - Linux Reference

Here are some solutions to problems Linux users often encounter. If you have a better solution or
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What is /proc?
What are all these files for?

What is /proc?

The /proc filesystem does not actually exist. It does not take up any
disk space. It is created on memory by the kernel. /proc provides 
information about the system and its processes. You can find some 
information on /proc by typing:
man proc


What are all these files for?

This is a directory containing information about process number 1.
So, /proc/1234 would contain information about process ID number 1234.

this gives you information about your computer's processor type, speed
and more. Type:
cat /process/cpuinfo

You can find out what any file contains by typing cat and the filename.

/proc/interrupts shows what IRQs are used, /proc/dma is about
dma, etc...

/proc/kcore is an image of the actual memory. 

If you are fimilar with the command uptime this is where the 
information is taken. This shows how long the system has been
up in seconds. So if typing cat /proc/uptime shows that your 
system has been up for 8467200 seconds you can divide it like this:
8467200 / 24 / 60 / 60 = 98 days