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Common Linux Commands - Linux, UNIX, and Other references

lsList Files
cpCopy Files
mvMove/Rename Files
rmRemove Files
lnLink Files
cdChange Directory
pwdPrint Current Directory Path
mkdirMake Directory
rmdirRemove Directory
File Viewers/ Pagers
catView Files
lessPage Through Files
headView File Beginning
tailView File Ending
nlNumber Lines
odView Binary Data
xxdView Binary Data
gvView Postscript/PDF Files
xdviView TeX DVI Files
File Creation And Editing
emacsText Processor
viText Processor
umaskSet Default File Protections
sofficeEdit Word/Excel/Power Point Documents
abiwordEdit Word Documents
gnumericEdit Excel Documents
File Properties
statDisplay File Attributes
wcCount Bytes/Words/Lines
duMeasure Disk Usage
fileIdentify File Types
touchChange File Timestamps
chownChange File Owner
chgrpChange File Group
chmodChange File Protections
chattrChange Advanced File Attributes
lsattrList Advanced File Attributes
File Location
findLocate Files
slocateLocate Files Via Index
whichLocate Commands
whereisLocate Standard Files
File Text Manipulation
grepSearch Text For Matching Lines
cutExtract Columns
pasteAppend Columns
trTranslate Characters
sortSort Lines
uniqLocate Identical Lines
teeCopy Stdin To A File And Stdout Simultaneously
File Compression
gzipGnu Zip
compressCompression Unix Style
zipWindows/Dos Style
File Comparison
diffCompare Files Line By Line
commCompare Sorted Files
cmpCompare Files Byte By Byte
md5sumCompute Checksums
Disks And Filesystems
dfShow Free Disk Space
mountMake A Disk Accessible
fsckCheck A Disk For Errors
syncFlush Disk Caches
Backups And Remote Storage
mtControl A Tape Drive
dumpBack Up A Disk
restoreRestore A Dump
tarRead And Write Tape Archives
cdrecordBurn A CD
rsyncMirror A Set Of Files
lprPrint Files
lpqView Print Queue
lprmRemove Print Jobs
Spelling Operations
lookLook Up Spelling
aspellCheck Spelling Interactively
spellCheck Spelling In Batch
psList All Processes
wList Users' Processes
uptimeView The System Load And Up Time
topMonitor Processes
xloadMonitor System Load
freeDisplay Free Memory
killTerminate Processes
niceSet Process Priorities
reniceChange Process Priorities
Scheduling Jobs
sleepWait For Some Time
watchRun Programs At Set Intervals
atSchedule A Job
crontabSchedule Repeated Jobs
unamePrint System Information
hostnamePrint System'S Hostname
ifconfigSet/Display Network Information
hostLook Up DNS
whoisLook Up Domain Registrants
pingCheck If Host Is Reachable
tracerouteView Network Path To A Host
sshSecurely Log Into Remote Hosts
telnetLog Into Remote Hosts
scpSecurely Copy Files Between Hosts
sftpSecurely Copy Files Between Hosts
ftpCopy Files Between Hosts
evolutionGUI Email Client
muttText-Based Email Client
mailMinimal Email Client
mozillaWeb Browser
lynxText-Only Web Browser
wgetRetrieve Web Pages To Disk
slrnRead Usenet News
gaimInstant Messaging/IRC
talkLinux/Unix Chat
writeSend Messages To A Terminal
mesgProhibit Talk/Write
Audio And Video
gripPlay CDs And Rip MP3
xmmsPlay Audio Files
cdparanoiaRip Audio
audacityEdit Audio
xcdroastBurn CDs