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May 2024
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Stiff Neck Fix

You have a stiff neck, its hard to turn your head left or right and you walk around all day with your head forward. You turn your whole body to look behind you because you are afraid to turn your head.

The best way is to have a buddy help.

Have your buddy ready for this quick fix. You simply lay down on your bed or on the ground face up. Let loose your entire spine and neck - relax all your muscles. Have your buddy pull your head. Have him/her place both hands behind your head on the bottom half of your stiff head and pull up and toward him/her. But not too high up, just at an angle less than 45 degrees up. This is what some chiropractors do. H/she can also message your neck first to loosen your neck muscles if you have time.

If you have a few minutes more and your buddy is not afraid to touch you, have him/her work on your upper back first - before getting to your neck. Here we go. Lay on a bed face down. Have your buddy massage the muscles left and right of your entire spine for about a minute. Next, have him/her push down on your entire spine and areas left and right of your spine. Your friend should concentrate mostly on your upper spine. It may also feel good to have him/her push down on your shoulder-blades and shoulders. Now you can flip over and have your friend do the above mentioned neck work.

If you're alone, here's another quick fix. Sit in an arm-chair and lean over to one side, let's say, lean left. Hold your head with your right fingers over your left temple. Let loose your neck and as much of your upper spine as possible. With your right hand (fingers) firmly over your left temple, throw your head to your right - carefully. It takes practice. You should hear several bone joints. Then switch over to the other side and repeat a few times until you fell better. But don't do it more than a few times. Next, sit strait, but lean back in your arm-chair. Again, let loose your neck and as much of your upper spine as possible. With both hands behind your lower head where it meets your neck, pull up many times - gently. This will loosen the upper joints of your seven neck bones. If your pain is far down, about your shoulders or just below, then these self-only methods help slightly. You would be better off with the help of a partner.

Now your joints probably feel very tire. This is a good time to sleep.

These are quick fixes for mild cases and I am not a doctor, you should see a chiropractor.