Image maps

Image maps are best done with a graphical HTML editor like Micro$oft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Image maps are made using points that coordinate to an image. Lets say you have a .gif or .jpg that measures 100 X 50 pixels. Using X and Y coordinates, you can have a rectangular area from X=10, Y=10 to X=20, Y=20. This would be a box measuring 10 pixels wide and 10 pixels high. You can make this area link to another page. There are different shapes you can use like rectangle, circle, and polygon (called rect, circle, and poly).

Here is an example using all three shapes. As you move your mouse over the three shapes, look at your browsers status bar (at the bottom). Take a look at the code for poly, notice all the numbers. The first coordinate is X, then Y, then X, then Y, etc... This can get confusing and fustrating. For this reason, a graphical editor can be very useful.

Here's the code:

Here are the results: