Putting images on a page

You use the <IMG> tag to place images on a page. Note that you don't need a closing [</IMG>] tag.
<IMG src="YourImage.jpg">
IMaGe Attributes include:

This sets the image you want to display. Set it to a filename, path and filename, relative URL (link), or full URL.
Gives an ALTernate message while the image is loading, or if your browser cannot display the image, or if the image was removed.
You can resize a graphic with these two attributes. If you only change the width, the height whill change proportionally.
Aligns image "Left", "Right", or "Center"
This sets the border thickness around the image. It can also be set to zero for no border. A border will appear if you put an image inside of a link. [<a href="link.html"><img src="/images/myPicture.gif" border="0"></a>]